January 8, 2009

Judgment Call

Tell the truth: Are you judgmental, critical … etc.?
Now, there is the just normal judgments on things in life and sometimes people, but my mother and sister take it to a whole new level.
From the clothes they wear to the hairs on their heads, everything must be in place.
I came to this conclusion the other night while I overheard them watching TV.
I was just shocked at how they pointed out ever flaw the girl had. Making comments on  how the fictitious r elationship she had was all messed up. Nit picking on every little thing they could get their hands on.
I am not going to lie, people like that scare me.
Why are people so judgmental myself included? Is it because of jealousy and envy?
What is the real reason my mom and sister watch T.V, look at the internet and the media with judgment calls fit for America's Top Model judge panel x10?
I think I'll stay out of their sight.


Chae NewBreed said...

lls at the comment:
"i think i'll stay out of their sight"
i am somewhat JUDGMENTAL MYSELF BUT NOT EXCUSING MYSELF, we all are from the virginal girl to the celebrity to the town slut.
WE ALL DO IT. i guess it's different degrees for everyone.
and it goes back to the age old reason: INSECURITY.
in my opinion, that is the root of a lot of today's evil.

Steph said...

My mother also has her moments.

Its more so "so and so has gotten really fat!"

Thats pretty much it.