January 6, 2009

Friends til the End?

Let's talk about a sensitive subject. FRIENDS
The definition of Friends in Webster's Dictionary is: the term to denote co-operative and supportive behavior between 2 or more people.
A friend is someone who may often demonstrate reciprocating and reflective behaviors.
After close evaluation of my own life and relations, I came to the realization that this does not hold true in 85% of the people I call "Friends".
Most of the people I know have supportive antics sometimes and most of the time, only think about themselves and their busy lives.
It takes 22 seconds to text the word "Hi" on your phone. 48 seconds to leave a voice mail and 1 minute to email an update to someone.
Life is busy no doubt. And there are things that must be done. However, I ask you to not do the following:
Email, text, or call and say we need to hang out and NEVER follow through.
Text or Email forwards when clearly we are not on that level of friendship.
When I see you out, don't act like we have been best friends for years.
And lastly, If you are not going to be LOYAL, I really don't need to know you.
I challenge you to go through your cell, outlook address book, whatever your friends contact information is in and take a good hard look at who you call friends.
This is a chance to make a change.
Be a good friend.