January 6, 2009

Bad Date

Two Words: Total Disaster!!
I was needing a boost after what happen on Saturday night, so I decided to go out with an old friend that totally has the hots for me!  (ego booster huh)
So I get dolled up and head to Edmond (24 mile trip). When I got there he was not ready but no biggie.
We begin to talk about where to go eat. *Chinese sounded good. I wanted to go to this sushi place that is quiet and has a great mood. Plus I needed a glass of wine.
We get in the car and begin to drive; He says he knows of a magnificent place we can go. (Being that I am trying to work on being more flexible and spontaneous I went with it)
When we finally arrive, I was appalled. We are at the entrance of a Chinese Buffet!!  
I proceed to tell him the only people at a Chinese buffet are: Children, Old people and Mexicans (excuse me for the racial slurs)
We went ahead and went inside and sure enough all 3 of those demographics were dining in.
I was so angry; I demanded we go somewhere to get a drink. Thus, Buffalo Wild Wings comes in to play. That's when the good time started.
After our drink he wanted me to go back to his place, but I told him I needed to run errands and would be back shortly. (I never went back)
Later, I knew he was pissed but I really just didn't have the room to care.
My dating life should be a movie. ???  50 Worst Dates!


**Star said...


something out of a sitcom...

Steph said...

Wow. Some men!

StarzGazR said...

ugh!! what a dissapointment!!