January 2, 2009

Divine in '09

11:59 am. 

Its Friday and I am in bed! YAY. Being off work is amazing and I recommend it to everyone. (just make sure you are getting paid for the time off) 

Thinking about time off, I should have taken a vacation. Somewhere tropical with cabana boys and mai tai's. Hmmm 2009 should possibly bring something of the sort. 

New Years was great! things were fun and low key. The boy drama has ceased and it feels great. But who knows how long that will last. 

New years resolutions? Do people even do this anymore? I was asked what mine will be and after scanning through my brain of bad habits and things I need to quit I came up with nothing... 

Lame I know, But I just don't see what the big deal is with saying you are going to quit something when there is a 75% chance you are not. 

Sorry the post have been scarce, I have had alot going on and try to catch you guys up as quickly as I have time to write. 

Hope 2009 is fantastic for you! I know it will be for me :)