December 28, 2008

double christmas

Christmas dinner at my house: Turkey, Ham, Mashed taters, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, broccoli casserole, mac and cheese, cranberry sauce, rolls, and six desserts. 

Christmas dinner at my mentors: Ham, broccoli casserole, potatoes, fruit salad, rolls, and one dessert. 

Needless to say this was a total culture shock for me this year yet different is good. 

As said in my previous post, I plan to do a "Theme" dinner every year with my family. So things will never be the same. 

Guest list: My immediate family, aunt, uncle, their 3 children, my other uncle and his 18 year preggo girlfriend (he's 32) 

Guest list at my mentors: Her immediate family, ma- ma, poppy, aunt, uncle, and their 2 kiddos. 

Now, note I do not have any grandparents so I suppose the lists would be equal. 

At my mentors we played games, and talked at the dinner table. 

At my mothers house we sat in  the living room on the floor, did not say grace, and laughed about fam members that were not there. 

My mentor had made the comment on more than one occasion that she would be very hurt if her children went to someone else house for Christmas dinner? 

I don't know if I agree with that? are you not able to spend some time with some family in which you truly care about .. blood related or not? 

We had already eaten at my mother's house and were just hanging out.. is it not OK to go chill somewhere else? 

This comparison is an observation of how 2 families can be totally different and have one thing in common ... yours truly. 


Steph said...

My mother would strangle me if I tried to leave and eat christmas dinner at someone elses house. After dinner though is another story. Definetly left this christmas after dinner.