January 11, 2009

Dems fightin' words...

Sundays are times for relaxing, church and eating lunch with the fam.

A fantasy in my world to say the least. 

I got home from church, might I say that I felt unfulfilled with the word (through no fault of my own) 

I was super hungry and wanted to have something to eat, So I asked my mother if I could cook a pizza. *always ask before you eat

She said ... "Are you hungry?" ... looking down at my watch it was 12:52. 

Yes its time to eat. 

The she asked if I ate 3 meals a day?? ** what kind of no brainier question is that? I eat 3 good meals and some snacks I guess is my answer. 

Me being hungry started an argument between my mother and father about the way food was prepared and eating. 

It blew my mind.. fighting about SOMEONE else being hungry. 

Her tone, and verbs she was using really made my heart go out to my dad. I then began to wonder if it had always been this way? 

Realizing that answer was yes, they had their argument, had been rude to each other and went back to siting on the couch, dad reading the news paper and mom eating ice cream while watching lifetime. 

If this is a sign of what my life is going to be like 26 years of marriage and 3 kids later .. you can count me OUT! 


Steph said...

Just gotta strive to not be like that. My parents have shown me a few things that i DEFINETLY do not see in my future!