December 4, 2008

What have I gotten myself into??

Well it always works this way..... just when you don't want a relationship, boyfriend, whatever you want to call him, multiple problems arise.

Here's the scoop. see if you can follow me:

Boy #1 - We met in college. Sweet and 25. Has a few choice sexual thoughts in his mind. We get mad at each other for misinterpretation with one another. He does have great follow thur and makes me feel special with his calls, texts and conversation. It is super hard not to give in sexually.

Dilemma- He is going to Mexico for a month starting Friday and once school starts again he will be WAY too busy for "hang outs"

Boy #2- We met while my girls and I were out. He is super sweet to me and acts like no other girls exist when I am around. We don't talk too much and he NEVER CALLS OR TEXTS first. Has no follow thru and if I see him it will be random. I do like the way he makes me feel when we are together.

Dilemma- His friends say that he is "into me" but he doesn't act like it?

Boy #3- Met at my birthday party. Super fun and sweet. We talk but not so much on the compliments. He has a great personality and AMAZING follow thru (which I love) We hang out at least once a week and text periodically thru the week.

Dilemma- we are not from the same religious background and you must be equally yoked.

So. As all the relationships progress. I find myself more and more confused as to what I should do. Any Ideas????

I don't want to get all worked up over this like I often do. Hence why I don't want to be in a relationship in the first place.

My motto: "Girls just wanna have fun"!


Anonymous said...

Girl, I know exactly what you mean! Boy, do I! You... Girl, I know exactly what you mean! Boy, do I! You don't want a relationship, but yet a perfect one seems to fall in your lap. However, your situation is a bit more complicated. You have 3 choices. However I don't see you in either of the 3. #1 seems that he's only into you when no one else is wise. #2, if he was totally into you like you want someone to be, he's call or text you first sometimes too! #3you've already seemed to answer yourself. If your not equally yoked will it work? If you truly like him, you might think about it...i'm not exactly in what you would call an equally yoked relationship right now either. But i'm super happy and he makes me happy. Conversation is key.

You have to do what makes you happy!

: )

Steph said...

I think #3 sounds best!!