December 2, 2008

Kill em with kindness..

It starts today. Being nice, cordial, having no regrets, or ill feelings.

Bad days are inevitable, and horrible moods will follow. Irritation is easily achieved and being a jerk is just too easy.

I am a victim of being a mood ruiner. Having a bad attitude, and just being rude for no real reason.

It is obvious that I don't care for the career that I currently posses. However, when I answer the phone and talk to people, converse with people that I work with, you can tell I hate it here and it is not their fault that I don't like it.

I demand excellence no matter where I go. Customer service is key, and if someone doesn't do their job, you best believe that I am the FIRST one to tell someones manager or supervisor I was mistreated.

I am a paying consumer and you WILL treat me as the best.

I am a hypocrite. and I will be the first to admit. I don't give a 100% when I am at work and that's not fair.

So it starts today. I have been being nice, cordial whatever you want to call it since I walked in the door.

The RESPONSE: 3 people have already told me that my attitude was lovely and I can hear the smiles in their voices. :) it is great.

A wise co-worker once told me: You have to do you best at the job you have. Give 100% in what you do because he wont trust you with more responsibility until you can master what is in front of you.

So true.

Being nice is for the soul, and your sanity.


Mista Jaycee said...

A wise security dude once tapped me on the shoulder after we had finished talking about the company we were working for and utter these sage words.
Thank God we got a job we hate!