December 5, 2008

Christmas Time is Here!

Current Status: Filling out Christmas cards!

How fun! I totally love the holidays. The chilly feeling you get when you go inside the warm house from the cold. ** Christmas bonuses!! (just got mine) and more turkey.

I believe when I start my own family (heaven for bid) I will not do turkey for thanksgiving and Christmas... just one. It's so boring. We will start our own traditions and do something way different!

As for the weekend: Going to dinner with Mr. Champagne tonight and "supposedly" hanging out with Mr. R even though he has not confirmed our plans that I called him about on Wednesday. (starting to piss me off)

In other news: I was so tired from all that has been going home I left work early yesterday to go home and sleep.I told Boy #1 from my previous post (we shall call him Mr. College from now on) that I was sick and he totally called to check on me :) And he texted a few times just to make sure I was ok.

His vacation for a month will really put us to the test and make me see things in a different light. Lets hope its not a strobe. lol


To all who read this: Don't be offended if you are mentioned in these posts. I am just calling life like I see it. Good .... or Bad.


Chae NewBreed said...

congrats on the date line ups (IF I READ CORRECTLY).
anywho, i was just thinkin about the turkey thing the other day.
I'M SICK OF TURKEY AND IT IS BORING. CARPE DIEM I SAY. and turkey is not my idea of that. besides, my dad makes turkey for dinner like every week so its no longer anytime of DEAL when the holidays come. i avoid THE TURKEY. LLS
hopefully the test doesn't prove fatal. GOOD THOUGHTS.