December 28, 2008

Top 10 of 2009

This is life on the O lists top 10 things of 2009. 

Agree or not here it is: 

10. Leggings (making a comeback from the 80's) 

9.  Boots (Ugs, moccasins, and dressy alike.. went crazy this year) 

8. Chelsea Handler (funny as all get out comedian and her best seller book made me cry laughing!) 

7. Sex and the city: the movie (nothing better than a 40- something making it as a single girl and waiting to get married) 

6. The Realhouswives: Alanta  ( of course they had to make a ghetto version  of the hottest show on the Bravo network) 

5. Mac (from the I phone to the paper thin laptop... I'm sure they made a killing this year) 

4. Organic foods/saving the earth (speaks for it self) 

3. Rhianna (love her or hate her .. she was hott this year) 

2. Jeans ( dress em up or down, society is more about comfort and beauty all at the same time) 

1. Black President ( the event that shall go down in the century's history.. that's all that needs to be said!) 

Have a great new years!


Steph said...

Im stealing this!!

Mack Momma said...

you can borrow it :)