December 28, 2008

Blast from the past..

So the holidays bring people out of the woodwork that you have not talked to in forever.. try 10 years. 

This week has worn me out with tons of people texting "Merry Christmas" getting ready for the big event, and figuring out what to do for new years?

Two people I NEVER thought I would talk to /see again popped up this week and let me tell you it was a shocker. 

Numba 1. I checked my myspace account to find a message from a girl name Nichole (note that my account settings are to where you need to know my last name to send me anything) 

I open it and it was my EX fiance Circa 2006! 

I instantly threw up a lil in my mouth when I read this message: 

I am OK I have thought about u alot. I did you so wrong u are a good girl and I did you fawked up. It has bothered me 4 along time. You doing OK? I hope U thought of me alot even thought I didn't realize it till much later. Sorry. How is school? are you done? 

Immediately I wanted to cuss him out and cry all at the same time. 

The only thing I responded with was: "I am glad to hear you are doing well" 

I feel good about the response and it feels good to be able to let go. 

PS. I saw my boyfriend from 1994-96 at the pub this weekend. It was funny to see him. He swears that we would be married right now if I had never broken his heart. (sigh) 


Steph said...

Man can be such fucktards. I hope you thought of me alot?? Hope you say No!!

My Ex actually said the same thing to me. He had 2 OTHER girlfriends at the time we were dating. How sweet eh? Then after about a year or 2.. he says "I know you still love me.. you still think about me" I reply "Uhhh no actually. I realized what love truly was after you decided to BREAK MY HEART. And it wasn't what I had with you!"

Tell him how it is if he messages you back!!