December 10, 2008

Sheigh bells ring... are you listening?

The reason doctor's office's stay in business in Oklahoma is for the ever changing weather we have.

Current Temp is 41. Tonight's high is 21. With a side of freezing rain. Oklahoma roads, cars, and business are not equipped for such blizzards.

Last year was the most fun! Everything shut down for a week and we walked to the bar on a daily basis :)

Current Tunage is Nat King Cole's The Christmas Song and that really annoying movie version of Winter Wonderland.

I would marry Nat King Cole if he was alive. His songs make me want to get dressed up in a long black dress and dance really close with someone with my head on their shoulder.

Awe, Christmas is the best. I hate the cold tho... Perhaps a vaca spot like Miami will do me good :)