December 9, 2008

The corner store

This is totally a true story!

Last night was rainy and dreary but I had to finish up my Christmas shopping and get some other things so I got out for a bit.

I needed a pick- me- up so I went to the gas station to get some coffee and maybe a snack (donut)

While I was mixing my cream and sugar, I heard a little boy's voice asking an adult voice if he had enough money to get a bag of candy. When that voice said no, he then proceeded to go down the isle and pick up each item to ask if he had enough.

I giggled inside and cracked a smile. Once I was done with my coffee I went to the register where I ran into the little boy.

Something inclined me to talk to him, so I asked if he needed another dollar?

His eyes got so big and he said "yes I do". I got out my wallet and gave him a dollar. While doing so I gave him the lecture of "you make sure you pay it forward someday."

He wasn't listening to what I was saying, he just wanted the green.

The cashier looked at me in awe and I said under my breath to her that "I have done my good dead for 2009" as a joke.

I think I made the kids day, because when got in my car I saw him run to his car and tell his mom "some lady in there just gave me some money!!"

Hopefully it's things like this that he will remember forever and return the favor someday :)


Chae NewBreed said...

congrats NICE LADY LLS...
no seriously though, it helps to think of others so PAT ON THE BACK although im sure that's not why you did it..

Anonymous said...

That is so cool! Good for you. Trust me, when he is able he will help someone because you helped him and you probably made that mother eternally grateful! God bless you in return, Tess!

Kiki Pierre' said...

That is so cute, I guarantee you made that little boy's day!