December 14, 2008


Welp It is Sunday and this is my first time to post since my last. 

Why you ask? Because I got in BIG trouble at work. Apparently, some of the old bags in my office called my supervisor and told her EVERYTHING I was doing. 

So at this point I can't: 

Surf the net

When she called me out she was so rude to me that I started to cry. I then realized that no one should go thru that and that it is time to move on. 

SO.... I have decide to quit as soon as 2009 hits. Life is too short for all that and I can financially afford to take some time off to find the job that I REALLY want. 

SO ill post as often as I can for now. This weekends news: 

Mr. R texted me and we ended up getting together this weekend. He said he was sorry ( that's all I needed) 

Mr. College is officially on vaca for a month, Hope he has fun and maybe we will talk when he gets back. 

Oh and now I am VIP with our NBA basketball team  because of a lil fib I told :) more details to come 


Kiki Pierre' said...

Girl, you're not the only one. We can no longer use the internet AT ALL... we can't even READ at our desks anymore. WTF?!?!? Why is everyone trippin, would they rather us surf the net or fall asleep?

Anonymous said...

You mean your supervisor actually expects you to work for your money?


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry it's not working out for you here. Suite C has really enjoyed getting to know you and I will miss you. But, with a Bachelor's degree you should be doing much more than answering phones! Good luck finding something that you'll enjoy, I'm so glad you have the opportunity to hang out at home thru the crazy winter weather & really search for what you want to do. You're blessed to have great parents. Good luck & keep in touch. I'll see you next week but have a Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

That's crazy! But at least you get to do something your happy with though. I can't believe that someone snitched you out. People need to mind their own business. That totally sux. Trust me, I know what you mean. Sometimes it's hard to let go of something you feel secure with because your scared of what's to come. But when you finally let go, you realize the future is so much better than your past. Wow. I just made up a quote and I really like it. I think i'll use it on myspace. :) Hope your having a better day, and had a better weekend than I did.

Anonymous said...

Just read your latest blog...they're always entertaining and that's not a skill everyone has. It's a true talent. Hope all is well with you and more power to you on going out and finding a job you like in 2009; life is totally too short!

Anonymous said...

I am sad to hear that you will be jobless soon, but if I had been there in the office, I would have warned you earlier, that doing those things are a sure fire way to lose a job. That was one of the things they talked about at one of the job fairs I went to in college.
I do hope you can find another job. I do not know how Oklahoma is fairing but jobs are getting are to come by since so many people have been laid off. Many of them got cut because of similar behaviors.
I will be praying for you during this time. Do enjoy the time off.