December 1, 2008

Pass the Turkey

Why do the holidays bring out the worst in people? 

This one was just the same as  any other. Same arguing with my fam, went out and have a good time , off on Monday.

Being sick is no bueno. it has consumed my entire energy and life. Hopefully it will get better, However it might be mono again. 

While out this weekend you will never guess who I saw??? MR. R... after 2 weeks of no talkin or texting he shows up randomly.  

And to no one's surprise acted like nothing had change and we were together. I told his friend after tonight this was not going to fly anymore, and he was to contact me next week if he really liked me. 

He agreed. Do you think that was too much for me to ask? I don't want a commitment and just want to play it cool, but is there not a fine line with that?

Getting a letter in the mail is key. I got a letter stating that I can be  teacher ! ( if I take 2 huge tests) But it is one more door that is open for me and I am totally excited! 

Went Black Friday shopping and spent $300... wow it was insane but I worked really hard and needed to do a little  spending. :) 

That's the holiday.  Now, for the Christmas countdown.