December 8, 2008

Lessons Learned

This weekend was nothing less than a disaster. However it has made my decision on which boy to choose more apparent than ever.

Let's start with Friday night.

Had to get my nails done and was running late for dinner. called Mr. Champagne to tell him to meet me at the restaurant.

He said ok and then texted me that he was "bringing a friend". I was shocked to read that but tried to be ok with it.

When I got to dinner it was to my surprise that this friend was a GIRL? who brings another girl on a hang-out anyway?

Long story short I made the best of a bad situation. I talked to her as less as possible and just pretended like she wasn't there. It worked because he too started to act like she wasn't there.

Angry, I texted Mr. College and told him I was upset and I wanted to come see him. He agreed and met me at his house. I wasn't in the mood for anything but talking and chillin, and he could tell something was wrong.

We ended with me not staying long and really having a deep good convo. So all ended good.

Mr. R didn't text me back about Friday all week so I decided he was booted for good this time. I did talk his friend and told him that we would go out, but then later changed my mind and did bother to tell them.

So... needless to say Mr. R and his friend blew up my phone asking where I was. **He can text when he wants to know where I am but not to confirm that we are going to hang out?

The end result of all this is God has my best interest at heart and it will just continue to be like this until Mr. Right comes along. I have to wait and make sure that I prepare myself to be the best woman for whomever he chooses for me.

This weekend is a total loss and definitely scores 9.5 on the worst weekends EVER list!


Chae NewBreed said...

i SO totally know how you feel...
when you have so many options but they amount to NOTHINGNESS...
but i'm in that situation at this exact point...

Anonymous said...

Girl, at lest you have your plumbing! I still can't go home yet!! I'm so ready to take a shower in my own bathroom, in my own house and sleep in my own bed! Nothing worse than having all your own things yet not being able to use them. Your Mr. Right will come along. But as the other person never seems to come when your looking. Boys are dumb, throw rocks at them!

:) Trandy

Anonymous said...

Dang girl I just read your blog, what a disaster!!!!!!!!!!! =o/

Steph said...

Wow..Mr R. sounds like a fool!!! I hope its over with him!! And Mr Champagne (wow), WHO brings a friend, especially a FEMALE to hangout with another female friend. Awkward much?

Mr College sounds like a good guy. You should call on him more often;)