December 16, 2008

Keep on, Keepin on

Man, things are nuts! AHHHHHH 

It's sad when you have to schedule a time do your laundry. I have 3 days off from the 2nd job this week so it feels like heaven, but still a ton to do. 

Mom is getting better. (it might be just because of the holidays) but whatever. Ill take it. 

I am so tired of ALL the boys in my life. Is it possible to start over? I mean I just can't really get excited about any of them anymore. I want/need something new. I guess I have the mentality of I want someone but when they start to get interested in me I decide to just go some place else. 

boredom has set in. 

In the mean time I am starting to be more conscience of house decor and TV's, Couches etc. ( Guess I shouldn't think about that when I am about to be unemployed

My brother moved out (sighs with relief) . I love him to death, however the choices he makes I SO don't agree with. 

I am ready for a much needed break. I am a lil nervous about this whole unemployed thing.... anyone have anything **GOOD** to say. Discouraging is strictly forbidden :)