December 21, 2008

5 is a crowd

The weekend has been a blast. 

Christmas is fastly approaching and with that some good things have come up. 

The good word is: A: my mother is actually being nice? I was really taken aback when she actually shared her dinner with me the other night. Major Plus! 

B: I have accumulated another boy to add to my list of complications and men. We shall call him JJHS. name choice being...?? We went to Jr. High together?

 I had a major crush on him and thought he was super cute. He was modest and very sweet. A total catch. 

While I was out a week ago I ran into him. It was good to see him and we took down each others numbers and went on about our merry little ways. 

The interesting part of this story is: He is totally trying to hang out with me now. Like every day?  Texting, calling etc. all the time. 

A old love interest/now friend says he is not into me? I could be reading the signs wrong but I totally think he is into me? 

Mr.R and his friend called to hang out with me and my girls  and we ended up spending alot of time together as usual. 

I blew Mr. Champagne off this weekend, even tho we kinda had plans. I needed a break, and didn't really want to hang out with him. 

Letterboy and I talked. We have a total love/hate relationship that I will never understand. He has a girlfriend now. (YAY) and seems to be doing well. I was surprisingly not jealous?? 

GRRRR... What happen to me swearing off guys and just doing the me thing? 

This has went from complicated to catastrophic.

Hope everyone has a great and safe holiday. I'll keep you updated! 


Vince Davis said...

LOL you are filarious, i love it and my follower is my gf actually

Vince Davis said...


StarzGazR said...

when you are trying to do the whole " ima do me" thing... is when all of the sudden a bunch of dudes come from left field!!
Take it in and enjoy it...