November 14, 2008

Stranger than Fiction...

Its like rain on your wedding day, a free ride when you have already paid? OK so maybe that's not strange, but its ironic... don't ya think :)

The week was full of strange things: Here's the list

It's strange that... people at my current job treat me like I am nothing when I have more education and discipline than most of them will ever have.

It's strange that... I like my 2nd job way more than I like my first.

It's strange that... This new guy that I am "hanging out" with could quite possibly have the best follow through tactics on the planet.

It's strange that... I haven't spoken a word to my little sister in months.. even tho she comes home every weekend.

It's strange that... people feel like they can do whatever they choose, but I go to the bathroom and its a mortal sin

It's strange that... my old best friend sent me a message ???

All these things have a massive significance and would leave one scratching their head.

Everything happens for a reason, you might find out why it happen in an hour or 30 years from now. But it is all part of the grand scheme of things.


Anonymous said...

Being bold aren't we?! Strange indeed. There are some really good things mixed in there, you realize. New guy, one job you enjoy, reconnecting with old friends, etc. Focus on the POSITIVE! :-)