November 11, 2008

running on back up

It is obvious to me that when you are tired your brain shuts down ... literally.

At the 2nd job yesterday, I just couldn't function. I kept messing up everything and could not even push the correct computer buttons. My managers thought it was funny but I was hurtin bad. Physically, Emotionally... the whole 9. I really need a break.

Meanwhile, I have been feeling like I need to make good on my life. I don't like negativity and feeling uneasy with people. I usually say my peace, it makes people mad and then tell them I am sorry we don't see eye to eye.

So, with that said I did that with Mr. Text message(from my previous post)

I said to him: "I don't know why our conversations are so intense and end up with one of us feeling uneasy. I don't like that."

Now lets analyze this:
1: I told him how I felt good or bad.
2: I didn't back down from what I had told him previously.
3. I don't want to hold grudges and want to just be at peace with all relationships in my life.

I also emailed one of my BFF's I haven't talked to in like 2 weeks. Just to see what is going on.

It always seems hard for people to put their pride aside and admit when they are wrong. I am fortunately good at this and can own up to my mistakes.

On a good note: I went shopping this weekend and got new stuff. Went on a "hang out" with "Champagne" (don't really want to call it a date??) to a pub and was so tired had to bail out early.

We made plans to hang out later this week since he is going to Dallas for the weekend. He is going to cook dinner and I will bring the wine :)

He texted me to confirm this last night. So all is well.

The details on why we cant be together..... EVER will be reviled at a later date.

I texted Mr. R last night since I had not heard from him in over a week. He replied and told me he went out to the same place we always go.

I was upset but in the same breath not really. Should I be???

I believe One Tree Hill Tivo is calling my name for tonight.