November 6, 2008

You keep you mouth shut when you talk to me!

What is it with people who think they can talk to people any ole way??

I tell you what... it didn't go down like that today. Work is really boring and while surfing the net I get a text from "Not S***" that's his name in my phone. (literally)

The text said : "Hi T. I was just thinking about you and thought I would say Hi"

I text back: Oh you were thinking of me huh?

A little back info: We started talking this summer and he had just broke up with his girl. We were not together and one night we had a lil fight. So I went drinking... called him and he told me he was still talking to his Ex.

That was enough for me and I just stopped talking to him.

Now back to the present.

We start texting back and fourth and I basically tell him I am not going to be 2nd to anyone and that's how I felt when we were talking before.

He called me to discuss this further, and ended up being ok until...

I was like "lets just try to hang out more".

He agreed and then says "You hang out with you friends alot...I really don't because I can entertain myself.

I then said: "What is that supposed to mean??"

He accused me of "always" getting mad and told me he didn't call me to fight with me. Needless to say the conversation ended with me not even saying bye, I just hung up.

Was I wrong in telling him how I felt and not letting him treat me like that?? surely not....

I don't know who he thinks he is, no one talks to me that way. !!!


Anonymous said...

That guy is a jerk!

Anonymous said...

Well, he definitely has no right to insinuate you shouldn’t spend time with your friends. Sounds a little like the jealous kind. If you ARE always getting mad, maybe the chemistry isn’t right between you two.

StarzGazR said...

wow! yeh girl.. thats a jerk.. first of all you two aren't even that close for him to feel like he can talk to you that way... hmmmmmm weirdo!!

Hair-A-Mania.Dot.Com said...

girl luv the name u gave him n ur u did the rite thing...keep it movin...