November 21, 2008

Dirty Little Secret

OK so get this: I am trustworthy. No.. really I am.

It just really makes me squirm when I know something that others don't. My personality enables me to tell very vivid details about the "secret" without having to actually reveal what it is.

It cracks me up when people say :" Please don't tell anyone ... or just don't say anything" Duh .. I am not going to say anything.

There are plenty of situations in history in which "secrets" were not so hush, hush.

For example : The Water Gate Scandal with Mr. Nixon.... what about Pres Clinton (He DID have sex with that intern)


I suppose we could sew peoples mouth's shut but then where's the drama when someone really does tell?

The weekend should be a good time. ( Watch for details....) Out with the girls, "Hang out" with Mr. Champagne... and work like crazy.