October 8, 2008

Under Pressure...

Politics.... a dreaded topic that makes even the most cordial conversations knock- down drag out fights.

I understand that voting is important and that it is my right as an American citizen to help choose who runs the country into the ground even more than it already is.

I will go ahead and just say it. I am not registered to vote. ( I know, I know) But is that not my choice to choose if I want to participate or not?

For Your Information, I don't complain about our president, nor do I know everything about the judicial system. So, in return I would expect not to be harassed when people find out that I am not registered.

Of course that is not how it happens. I literally had a co-worker sit at my computer and force me to download the application for registration. (I felt very uncomfortable)

Being a minority and a woman is a big deal. People fought long and hard to get these rights that we possess today.

It is just not my thing. I will be OK with whatever America decides.

At least I do know who the candidates are...


Anonymous said...

no worries! I'm registered to vote. However I don't think i'm going to vote this year either. I know who the candidates are.... however, I hate politics and know nothing about either one of the candidates. So, I don't think it's fair to vote just to vote without doing any research. Besides. It's not like if I actually sat and wrote a letter the president would actually see it. But whatev...your not alone.

Anonymous said...

My mom is like that co-worker.
And I am a registered voter… but I’m not voting this year.
:) But I don’t push it on everybody… my b/f isn’t registered either.

Anonymous said...

This is such a personal and controversial issue. It IS your right to or not to vote. However,that one action, or inaction, has such a ripple effect. Even though you may not complain about the president himself or how the country is run, a vote impacts so many things. Our wages, our gasoline prices, our soldiers, our price of bread, because whomever we choose is responsible for how we deal with ALL matters. So, if we want to exercise the right of free speech (regarding our country) we should also exercise the right to choose who we speak (support or complain) about. Still, the USA is the land of the FREE...and that includes choice.

Enrique said...

"Momma always said there are two things you never discuss in mixed company: Politics and religion.". I love that quote and I hold true to it. I honestly can only think of one friend that I discuss politics with and that's only because it's abundantly clear that we share the same political views. I don't discuss politics with friends or family. It's a personal rule of mine and one that has kept several conflicts from coming about. That being said, while I may not agree with your decision to not vote, I absolutely respect that you choose not to vote. As long as you never move to Guthrie, I won't push you to register to vote. But if you do move here, keep in mind I work for an elected county official so my livelihood depends on my county official being re-elected every four years and most likely, myself being elected eventually, so I would push you to register then so you could at least vote for county offices :) Have a great day!