October 19, 2008

Time to breathe

It has been WAY too long since I have posted. 

To all my loyal readers, followers, and commenters: THANK YOU SO MUCH you give me the feed back I need to make it big and you are responsible for my success! 
*** if you are not a follower, you should def be one. 

Now on to business. 

Throughout the course of the week , many dramatic events took place. 

Starting with work. 
I had to have a heart to heart with my supervisor to discuss my options within the company. She then proceeded to email me the day after and in four words made my world go on its side. 


Depending on how you interpret  things.. this could be good or bad. I have been told to be an optimist. (we shall see how long that lasts) 

Birthday was good. I went to eat sushi for my birthday dinner with a few friends that cant make it to my big bash next week. It was a great time! Nice to see them after I took a vow to not spend so much time with them. 

Now the drama. 

Working two jobs is really tough on me. I barely have time to sleep and eat. So I have been doing drive- Thur lately, and while picking up dinner the other night... I saw this guy that I used to be interested in. We shall call him bug-a-boo.  

I was very inconspicuous the first time I saw him. Didn't leave my number or tell him when I would see him again. 

Before my friend and I  went out one night last week I went by there again and asked him to come outside so we could talk... and that's when my hell began. 

I believe no woman on this earth has received more texts and calls from a man they didn't know in their entire life. Quite frankly it freaks me out. 

Now I know how guys feel when girls blow up their phones!!!  

How does one get rid of someone like that? Ignoring doesn't do the trick and I am running out of ideas. 

It is unclear to me if I am going through a phase of not wanting to be with someone or that if this guy is a total headcase? ( I am banking on the 2nd choice) 

Finally, at a local pub my friend and I like to hang out in, there was drama to be had. Ex boyfriends, baby mama drama.. you name it. 

I met Mr. R this weekend. And I must say being with him left me on cloud nine a good 4-5 hours.

Mr.R is everything I would want in a man. His touch was gentle and his kisses were so freaking sweet I could have melted.  

I hope to talk to him again, but nothing serious. Friends is the word. 

Now, can anyone tell he how to get rid of a stalker... PLEASE 


Enrique said...

Have your cell phone carrier block his number. Advice for the next new guy, though...I know you have a BlackBerry. Give the next guy an email address that's synched with your BlackBerry. If you do that, you can always customize your filter to disallow emails from certain stalkers. Even people without BlackBerrys can "text" aka email a BlackBerry. Then you wouldn't have to involve your phone carrier to have the stalker blocked. Just a thought :)

StarzGazR said...

Argh! Stalkers! I hate them!!!
And i hate the fact that they are more common then we think.. I know you might not want to be rude..but sometimes it's the only way out!
And it may be a tad but immature.. but pretending you're getting back with "an ex" might do the trick.. if he has dignity.. but it sounds like he doesn't!!! Keep us updated =)