October 13, 2008

look...but don't touch.

Weekends are never long enough.

After at 40 hour+ work week, you only get 2 days to rest, relax, and have fun?

The weekend was a productive one. Working the 2nd job and making a lil bit of money was in order. I did decide to cut loose Friday night and go out for a bit.

While hanging out at a local pub, I saw this guy that was by himself and thought it would be a perfect time to brush up on my pimp skills.

I struck up conversation, laughed, gave the sexy eyes.. all of it. I was not trying to take him home or even trying to get with him. I was simply trying to see if I "still got it."

Things were going good, until this girl who was under-dressed with a boy's haircut came over and interrupted our conversation??

What the hell? who does this chick thinks she is? Apparently he had know this girl for quite sometime.

We continued to talk for another hour, and periodically she would come up and drink on his drink, touch him inappropriately and snicker at me for talking to him that whole time.

The more I talked to this guy, the more I was not interested in him. It just became this competition between me and this "girl".

Why are girls like that? competitive and want to claim things that are not even theirs??

I think I won anyway....


Enrique said...

i hate competitive people when it comes to flirting/romance/love.

i always think of a great ani difranco line when i hear of women being competitive in these things:

"for women should be allies, and not competitors."
-ani difranco

granted, ani was specifically talking about women and fashion and how it's too focused on image BUT it applies to more than just that specific situation, in my mind. have you ever listened to ani difranco? her style of music isn't something a lot of people can appreciate but her lyrics are just amazing. do yourself and me a favor and at least take five minutes to listen to or check out the lyrics to her song "my i.q." and, just so you have the's "ani", like "on" "e"......i know that's totally just a phonetic way of telling you but you get the picture ;)

Anonymous said...

Look at you workin' it!!! Be careful with this one. If he is content to let some fool girl fondle him while he is talking to you, he is as much a part of the competition as she is and you deserve someone better than a game player! Girls are really foolish sometimes. So territorial! It is clear that she has the "I don't particularly want him, but he better not want someone else" syndrome. Chalk it up to good experience, I mean you held his attention for over an hour even with this hussy fussin' over him! You go girl! ;-)