October 27, 2008

Twenty- Four

Well I must say... I am still freaking tired from the weekend, but I wouldn't have traded it in for anything!!!

Lets start at the beginning... Friends show up at 6:40 ( I told them 30 mins earlier than we actually needed to leave because of the previous time issue we have had. Read the time blog if you don't know what I am talking about) 

We head downtown to get my "cake" ...ok cupcakes and get to the restaurant on time. Here is where it starts: 1. there is a Halloween parade going on so a ton of "one way" streets are closed ...we drive around in circles for like 20 mins trying to get to where we need to go.   2. We have to go on an uphill-one way valet lot. ( yea it was nuts) 

But we get the cakes and we are on our way! 

Dinner was amazing! 10 girlies showed up and we just had a ball. We took pics and laughed. Food was pricey but the experience was priceless!

After that was party time....and boy did we! The pub was nice enough to give me a free bottle of champagne. (which I drank by myself) got tons of free drinks and even money! 

Remember in the previous blog, Mr. R??  Well through random text messaging I invited a ton of people and told them to come to my party. He was on the list and told me he would ask his buddy if he wanted to go. 

Low and behold, him and his friend showed up!!! Now I know I have been a man hater for quite sometime now, and don't get it twisted I still am. But boy did it feel good to have a boy show up just for me.

We hung out all night, took pics together and he bought me drinks... I felt like we were getting comfortable with each other. 

At the end of the night we got dropped off at my house to get my car( there was no way I was going to drive myself) and set off to his house.

I was fully prepared to stay on the couch and just chill. But that is not what happen.... 

We pillow fought, laughed under the covers and looked sweet at each other ( bedhead, morning breath and all) 

We finally got up at 12 and ran errands and then went to lunch ( guess it was a date)! he paid. 

It was the best thing I could have ever asked for...He says he will call/text but I am very content with just leaving things like they are... I guess I am saying if he doesn't call, I wont be upset. 

This birthday is up there in the top 5! 

Next year: Vegas baby! 


Enrique said...

sounds like a great birthday! i'm sorry i couldn't make it. i understand what you mean about it being nice to just have someone by your side on your birthday :) this year, right around my birthday, i had a guy ask me out on a date. well, we ended up going the day before my birthday. when he found out it was my birthday, he insisted on paying and bought me some drinks and stuff at dinner. turns out we weren't compatible but it was still nice having someone by my side for a birthday dinner. he was a super sweet guy...too bad it didn't work out. oh, well.