October 27, 2008

The good son...

Which hurts worse? getting punched in the face or hurtful words from someone?

The Good Son is a movie that came out in the 90's, starring that guy that played in Home Alone (which I love) and some other kid. The story goes; one son is good and one evil. But the parents love the evil one way more and don't really know he is psycho. 

This is the life I live. I was unaware of the circumstances while away at college trying to find myself and who I was. What I came up with is dismal and I am still trying to figure it out. Progress is being made.

As most people say "My family is screwed up" and everyone has stories but the difference lies in I have changed drastically (for the healthy) and they have not. 

I must seem like an alien to my folks. While off at college I found out Jesus was my homeboy. Ok bad joke, but I really enjoy going to church and being around a positive environment. 

Not the self- destructive environment that I grew up in and and just recently found out they STILL live in. 

Now some will argue I have learned uppity behaviors from a few places. 1. I went to college in a very ritzy, predominately white town. 2. I hang out with my friends with whom their families care about them.
I do not want sympathy or to be criticize about this entry, I am just stating what goes on in my day to day life... hoping some kid out there can stumble across this and really know that someone can relate to them. 

Just imagine these, your loved one saying:

 "I know you don't care to conserve energy because you don't pay for it." 

or "why did you cook dinner for the whole family on a Friday night... we have stuff to do?"

 or my personal favorite:

 Give me my F***** money for your cable box! I don't care where you get it you just better get it to me (note that we are talking bout $5.95) 

I am a firm believer in you are put in situations to learn life lessons and grow from the experiences. 
And someday I will have emotionally healthy traditions with a hubbie, 2.5 kiddos and pancakes every Saturday ( yea he will be cooking and ill be in bed j/k) 

To me, that is something to look forward to. In the mean time He is working on me and getting me ready to be the best momma out there! 

So I guess I will take the punch...just make sure its not in the jaw. 

*** PS: I almost have enough to get my house! So ill be out before you know it.