October 28, 2008

Crash and Burn

Why is it that when you fall on your face.. you fall hard.

I fell so hard this time I could possibly need nose reconstruction.

While working, one of my colleagues was talking to a cute guy that works here in the hospital.

When I walked out of the room she said " Hi... T." and I waved at her because I was on the phone. He mocked her and said "Hi. T" and I kinda gave him a glance.

I walked back to my desk and realized that he was kinda cute and I should have said hi.

So... I emailed my coworker and ask her for his name? I guess she told me his nick name because HR could not find him in the system.

I then called his dept, hoping they could help me. I told the person on the phone... "Hey, I need this guy's email address, but I don't need to talk to him or anything. ( that was me trying to be secretive and sexy).

She then says: "OK hold on a min".

Next thing I know Mr. W is on the phone going "What do you want"?? ( he was giving me a hard time)

I was so embarrassed, but tried defuse the situation. But he was asking all kinds of questions.

I told him don't worry about, just check your email.

I try not to take myself seriously, nor make an a** of myself.. however I seem to be successful at both.


Enrique said...

i guess i don't understand why you're so worried about what happened...have you emailed him?