November 3, 2008

goblins, fights, and boys.. oh my!

Dressing up for Halloween is for the birds.

I guess I say that because I did drama/dance/cheer since I could walk and always had to be something I am not while doing those activities.

But for the sake of partying and other things, I decided to be creative (and not spend any money at all!)

So... I went as Michelle Obama (clever .. huh). It was a big hit and didn't cost me one cent. I usually wear that attire for work and just made a little nametag to go with it! Perfect.

While out at the pub I was taking to my ex-best friends cousin (that just sounds like drama huh) As I was waking away... her uncle, who is an alcoholic decided to get in my face and call me a few choice words for no apparent reason?

Fighting is never the answer, However I am a firm believe in standing up for yourself. I told him "I dare you to put your hands on me..." of course he didn't. But I would have called 911 if he did. Needless to say I was livid!!!

Saturday night was fun! VIP at my favorite club in bricktown. The girls came to chill out. I saw this somewhat dorky (in a cute way) guy that was by himself. I instructed him to hang out in my VIP section if he wanted to. He kindly said thank you and told me he would be back.

And when he came back ... he came with a bottle of champagne?? I was really surprised and flattered. It was great. He made a few new friends and I got free drinks ... it all worked out.

After closing time, I got the bright idea to go see a guy I used to date 2 summers ago. (BAD IDEA) I drove 20 mins to see him and intended on sleeping on the couch.

When I got there, he immediately tried to make moves on me!!

Mr. R, who was supposed to come hang out in VIP with us and didn't, starts texting me and talking.

After snapping out of it, I left letter boy's house as fast as possible.
1. because I don't like him like that anymore.
2. because I wanted to be with Mr. R instead.

It ended up being a good night. I even made it to church the next morning and hung out with my buddies. ( it was much needed)

Lunch was followed by shopping with MG. Which is always fun! and then the 2nd job.

I am so tired I want to collapse but it was worth it!


Anonymous said...

I caught up on the last few messages yesterday. You’ve been a busy lady. It sounds like you had a good b-day bash. What’s with all the men in your life? Keeping you busy?