September 26, 2008

Survrival of the fittest..

well it was a good day! All things always work for good. Got everything squared away that I was griping about in my previous post.

I have crazy shenanigans planned for the weekend. Friday: maybe go out for a bit. Saturday: Theme parkin' it during the day and then going Downtown at night. Sunday: shopping and Church. Lots of things to do as usual.

I went to my favorite "hole in the wall" pub last night and had a few cerveza. When I got home I did something that I probably should not have. I called one of my old friends that I recently just reconnected with.

The twist to this story is, he is married now and has a few kids. Now, note that only after having alcohol in my system that I deemed it OK to call this guy, cause I never did when I was sober.

The conversation was weird and he was borderline rude. I mean he was just joking and giving me a hard time. I felt kind of offended I supposed because I don't know him like that anymore and vice versa.

So... is it ok to call a married friend that you have known for a long time? When is it not ok to step over that boundary? Hmm I just know that I would not want my husband talking to some chick. ??

Jealous Much..?


Enrique said...

It's I very fine line. Basically, I would recommend that if the two of you want to continue a friendship that your plans include the wife and that you not have phone calls "just to talk". Phone calls with meaning are different, but "just to talk" phone calls introduce too much one-on-one connection and that's not cool to do with someone who's married. Just my opinion but then again, you did ask for our opinions :)

Anonymous said...

Ahhh! All is well that ends well!

The boundary is there if you knew your friend was married w/three kids and the reason for your call and what time you called him. WOULD you have called him sober? If the answer is no, I probably wouldn't cross that line again. Running in to him somewhere would be different for catching up. :)