September 28, 2008

Lovers and Friends?

So This weekend was a total blast! 

Hung out with my BFF's and went shopping. 

This weekend had me thinking about friendship. What exactly is being a good friend mean? Calling and hanging out on occasion? the occasional email? It is really hard to pin point what a "friendship" should entail. 

Since college, I have had alot of friends come and go. I wish that I could take back everything I said in the past and still have communication with my girls that I was close to when I was in school. Since then, I have realized that I was in the wrong and tried to apologize. However, my so called "friends" don't want to talk to me ?? trying to call and email has been unsuccessful, and for that I am sadden. 

My mentor told me once that some people have a greater need for human relations than others, and I am beginning to wonder if she is right? 

I know you can make more friends, but what is to be said about the old ones that just need a lil bit of work? 

Who knows. As for the relationship front, I am content but if a date comes along I am down :) 


enrique said...

here's how i view friendships: i take them really slowly at first BUT that's only because any friendship i decide to go for lasts a long time in my world...most forever. the closest friends i have now have all been in my life now for 2 years or more, some as many as 20+ years. i make it a strong point to assess the qualities of a person and allow them to assess my qualities to see if we're a fit before diving into anything too deep with anyone. i know a lot of people only take that method on romantic relationships but i choose to use that same method for friend relationships, as well. the result? i have a lot of acquaintances and from that group, i have a small group of 5-10 people i consider to be very close friends of mine. sometimes, holding onto a friendship isn't something we can control and it's never fun to have to release someone, but if there's a certain individual in your life that is no longer reciprocating interest in a relationship with it romantic or friendly much as it might suck, sometimes you just have to let go and look for a new day.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Enrique. Friendships are as important as romantic relationships. In fact, sometimes those friendships help you maintain your romantic ones. Just remember the best way to keep a friend is to be one. If some have fallen through the cracks and the "friend" is not showing interest in renewing, don't waste your energy there, instead spend your energies on the friends you have now. The others may come back around, but until then...don't let their lack of interest spoil your fun!