September 30, 2008

Sex In Oklahoma City

So today's topic is not sex...( get your mind out of the gutter). I would like to bring up the M- word. I know its forbidden for some (especially guys) but marriage is supposedly a good thing.

This weekend while watching "Sex in the City: The Movie"  I guess you could say I found myself bewildered. The movie portrayed being in a relationship with a man for 10+ years without the thought of being engaged or married is normal? On a good note they also advocated being their for your girls no matter what (which I do agree with). 

I guess what I am trying to figure out is how long is "long enough" before you start to wonder if marriage is even an option. 

Now I know what the argument will be. "Only God knows when the right time will be" or "You will just know when you are ready".  All that sounds great and perfect, but there is a thing I like to call reality and uncertainty that starts to set in and before you know it you have broken it off and die a lonely, non- married woman. 

OK, OK, so that may be way left field. But it may be true. In the book I am reading: The New Eve it clearly states that some people are just not made to be married. But if it is really in your heart to be married and have kids, chances are you will. 

I guess I am just conflicted because I am in that stage in which people call "contentment". Just the whatever attitude is what I possess for the time being. If something comes along I will not say no, but I am not actively looking. 

This idea is so opposite from friends who in their spare time look at wedding dresses and subscribe to E harmony. 

I can only hope that my transition from contentment to wanting to be with someone will be smooth. 

But to pass the time until then.... can we just be friends ?... ( lamest way to get out of a relationship BTW) 


Enrique said...

"Can we just be friends? (Lamest way ever to get out of a relationship, BTW)." That shit cracked me up and it's so true!

Anonymous said...

When we let what our friends are doing determine our own time line for life that is when we make mistakes. Enjoy the fact that you can make your own choices, be pampered with dinners out or movies paid for, etc. because it is a shared expense in a marriage and realize that your prospects are many now, but once you are married (hopefully) that is your life for always. Enjoy now and you'll enjoy your decision to commit that much more when the time is right for YOU!