September 29, 2008

just hit me on the cell...

Why is it that cell phones and texting have become a huge part of life? I intentionally watched people today and this is what I saw: 

Young girls ( probably like 12) walking down the street .. on 2 different occasions. One texting and one talking. People in the drive thru at the bank and even moms picking up their kiddos from daycare! 

And I will admit, I am so guilty of talking on the phone while I am in line at Walmart,  eating and even texting while I am driving with my knee ( I know totally terrible) oops. 

But one thing I am not guilty of is using texting as my only way of communication with people. C'mon the world wide web has opened our eyes to crazy ways of communication ie: writing on the facebook walls, Myspace comments and emails. 

But people use Texts for confrontation, setting up hook-ups and scheduling meetings. Its a sick technological world we live in. But the minute we think we left our phone at home or it got stolen, we start to freak out. 

It is funny to think about but whatever happen to actual mail? I LOVE to get mail... I am 24 and its still exciting. 

I did en experiment on my way to work this morning and texted all the people that I had not talked to in a while just a "Have a good day" text. Simple, yet "I am thinking about you" individually.

I'll have you know that EVERYONE texted back accept for one person, each starting up a little conversation. Needless to say, I had my hands full. 

And with that it shall be said that Cell phones rule the world. 

But who am I to talk .... I have a Blackberry :0 


Anonymous said...

Technology is great when it is useful, but dangerous when it replaces actual conversation. There are people in our lives that ARE important enough to make the effort to TALK to, WRITE to, and have FACE TO FACE time with. We just have to remember to make that effort. The payoff will never disappoint!

Enrique said...

Hi, my name's Enrique and I'm addicted to my BlackBerry :)

I have to admit that I get an obscene amount of texts, emails from 3 different accounts, Yahoo Messenger messages, and BlackBerry Messenger messages on my BlackBerry on a daily. And...I love it. I love the excitement everytime I hear the buzz buzz of my phone or feel it vibrating in my pocket. I heart technology and I have no apologies for it :)