June 4, 2014


One word that sums up the behavior that has been displayed from me over the past few years in terms of this blog.

I teach classes on social media and marketing and tell small businesses/non-profits that blogging and doing things to update it is beneficial, but I, in no way shape or form have been practicing what I preach. 

The truth is... I update this thing once the guilt of not updating it has taken over. And it seems like that is every six-eight months. 

In August, Social Media Mack will have started 5 years ago, which is a huge accomplishment for any business. 

Truth is, there is a nostalgia tied to that anniversary.. a "where do I go from here" question lingering. 

I don't have the slightest clue. But one thing I do know is... It's time to retire this blog. 6 years and countless post later its over and done with. 

This will be the last post on the O list blog... Just feels like its time to move on. 

Maybe we will create another in the future, but for now... my writing is being laid to rest. 

Thanks for reading my silliness, triumph and struggles. 

Your feedback and support has meant more than you know! 

- Not goodbye, just see you later, 

Tess Mack 
Social Media Mack