November 21, 2013

The CEO Quiz

Name: Tess Mack
Age: 29
Nickname: T-Mack

One thing that makes me cringe about myself: It takes me forever sometimes to get out of the house when I am not on a schedule to be somewhere. 

If I could change lives with one CEO it would be:
A. Bill Gates
B. Jimmy Buffett
C. Marc Jacobs 
D. Andy Warhol
E. Other: ___________

If you looked in my purse you would be surprised to find: A 500 tablet bottle of Ibuprofen, Eye glasses screwdriver, tons of business cards.

The part I love most about being CEO is:
A: Flexible Schedule
B: Traveling
C: Having a beer anytime of day
D: All of the above 

I am secretly afraid of: Finding my equal and someone who will actually put up with my B.S. 

I am totally addicted to: Pellegrino Sparking Water

You know you are successful when: You walk down the street and people recognize you

If I was not the CEO of Social Media Mack I would be: A Professor