February 20, 2012

No Where to Go

Notes from our CEO:

Have you ever wondered how the Queen of Social Media manages to keep her personal life private?

Well.. of course it is only as private as I keep it, there are things I will share here and there RE: family, dating etc. But I can definitely say I am NOT an open book.

There is a fine line a Social Media Maven such as myself must adhere to. People are watching your every move.. waiting for you to do something that will be gossip worthy enough for the next networking meeting.

Your photos, videos and content must stay presentable. Every time something is posted that is below standard... you begin to lose creditability.

Granite, we are not at work 100% of everyday.. seems a bit unfair to hold a person to that standard ALL the time.

That's the beauty of Social Media.. It never stops. Even when we are asleep.. It keeps going!

I am a real person with flaws, feelings and personality..... Most of it does not make it to my social networks.

- TM