August 24, 2010

Happy Anniversary Baby!

Wednesday is a special day for me! One year ago.. I stepped off the plane from CA to OKC again with no job, no where to live and just a little bit of cash...

That's how the story starts. It's still going and along the way I have learned valuable lessons that I feel inclined to share with all those contemplative entrepreneurs. (so listen up...)

Things you should know BEFORE starting your own business:

* Your life is not your own (that is if you want to succeed) your business is a baby that cries all the time and sometimes spits up and YOU get to clean it up.

* Get a defense team: Pre-Paid Legal, an attorney .... something. You NEVER know what kinda petty drama will happen.

* Don't let people push you around. Do a good job but set boundaries!

* Take vacations.. even if you are working while you are on them.


* Write it down... Word of mouth is garbage in the business world

* Do it for the right reasons and not for the money.. cause you will be broke for a while :)

Anniversary lunch this Wednesday.. if you want to hear more of the story that began the madness. 12 noon at IRON STARR


Anonymous said...

Dear Social Media Mack,
A year is almost upon you and I want to say Congratulations on your first year anniversary!! I would congratulate you for your success but that speaks for itself, I would congratulate you on the wisdom you have gained in the past year but we always knew how smart you are, I would congratulate y...ou on all the new business contact and friends you have made but they know how lucky they are to know you, I CONGRATULATE you on having the COURAGE to follow your dreams and the DETERMINATION not to give up... Your anniversary warms my heart and brings tears to my eyes I would say I am PROUD of you but that would not be enough to describe how I feel, Thank you for being my daughter my friend and one of the strongest people I know..