February 21, 2010

Listen Local

17 year old Ben McKenzie rockin out

Local artist Houston Boy and Chase D choppin it up

Audio Engineer Foqus mixin it up

There are many musicians that have made it big from the state of Oklahoma. Garth Brooks, Carrie Underwood, Hansen and Reba to name a few. Ever thought about who was behind it all?

Recording studios in the Midwest are not as prevalent as those in the West, but if you listen closely you might hear something great!

Diamond Recording Studio, located on N.E. 36th in OKC began in a producers garage in 1973 as Bare Tree Productions. Over time, owners Charles and Barbara Burton have relocated and rediscovered what it is they call music and have been in their new building since early 2000.

Diamond Recording Studio, or DRS as it is called, provides excellent sound for CD, Video, and Movie production. Providing the latest and finest quality sound equipment, DRS offers competitive pricing and outstanding customer service.

Seventeen year old Ben McKenzie has been using DRS for the past few months to record his latest EP album that is going to drop on itunes in the next few months.

“I love the service and how eager the staff is to help” says Ben’s dad Shane McKenzie.

Local artist like Chase D, Houston Boy and Sha Sha Jones are regulars in the studio. Diamond Recording Studio not only specializes in recording, but is the home for interviews conducted by OKC’s late night cable show “Hot Spots TV”.

No matter the genre, DRS caters to all recording needs.

Oklahoma has a music circuit all its own, you just have to know where to find it.

Listen Local 405!

Watch for my EP dropping on itunes soon :)