July 1, 2009


Four weeks left in Tahoe City, CA until visit home.

Moving away is bitter sweet. You want out of whatever you are in but still miss everything (including drama) when you are away.

Missed my little brother's 21st birthday and it is killing me. There are tons of things you miss when you are not around.

The 4th of July is fastly approaching and plans have not been set with co-workers so... I will be hanging with my Tahoe Besties. (I.K. and K.P.) the only 2 local friends I have made so far.

Guys are really non-existent around here unless you want a ski bum they say.

I have not watched any TV since I have been in CA and it doesn't seem weird at all. Nature is so entertaining that I don't need to watch the boob tube... LOL

I miss my friends like crazy and even my nutty mother. California will be something that I will never forget.

Ill look back in 10 years and say wow that's crazy that I just up and moved away.

Only time will tell ....