June 1, 2009

California Trivia

There are some thing that have come to my attention in life. 

it is very trivial to me how your surroundings can very well affect they way you live. 

Here are some stats about moving across the United States and living in a new environment: 

- there are no air conditioners in Lake Tahoe (we just open windows) 

- bears are more apt to break in and start eating your food out of the fridge then you getting robbed by a person. 

- People in Cali eat more healthy than any place I have seen in the US. 

- I have not watched TV since I got here, and have no desire to. 

- The sun goes down at 9:00pm and comes up at 5am !!!!

- People like to climb on rocks and ride bikes ... for fun?? 

As a week creeps up on me, things are doing nothing but getting better. 

Peace and Love


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