May 3, 2009

Turn the lights on...

I just realized... 

I can't see my laptop screen without my glasses.. (yikes) 

Everyday I get a little stronger in dealing with my family and the people they are. 

Being in bed all day on occasion is a MUST! 

That I might be a lil over-emotional. 

I don't have to go to traditional church all the time to learn or to know that God loves me. 

That even though you know a person doesn't mean to hurt you, it doesn't make it any easier. 

Not having a schedule or exact time, being non-committal is actually relieving. 

And lastly, when a chapter of your life is about to end, it seems as if the rewind button is stuck on the past. No matter how much you try to not think about everything, its impossible. 

Random I know. But during this quarter-life crisis I call life, the light bulb comes on quite often.