April 9, 2009

Wearing Big Girl Panties


I feel much better! YAY I am eating real foods now. Just no fast food and no red meat (Still a little scared to eat it) but I am not starving like I was …


Visited some friends last night and got some tough love. They informed me that I was going through a quarter- life crisis, (at least now I have a diagnosis) and that this too shall pass…  Suppose it is nice to know that I am not the ONLY one that has suffered through what seems like a ridiculous test from the man upstairs.


Decided to hang out with a friend that was coming from out of town. She finally stopped canceling her trips to the city and showed up this time. The venue we went to was a little bit on the hip-hop/hood side, so I should have known the person that I didn’t particularly want to see was there.


Yes you guessed it, Bridezilla . Wearing an ensemble meant for a girl that weighs no more that 120 lbs, which clearly she exceeds.


The old me would have stared her down all night and glared when she walked by. But instead of that childish behavior, there was an overwhelming sense of feeling sorry for her. She doesn’t love herself or anyone else and it is very obvious.


I did go and say hi to her. Needless to say she was pleasantly surprised.


I intend not to hold any grudges against anyone. It is what it is.


For the record, my words are not meant to be judgmental just the truth.


Trandy said...

Well, since I didn't see's not me, that's good! Glad to hear your doing better. We do need to get together before you go.


Eden said...

You are awesome.

Anonymous said...

I always try to let you know when I have read your latest! I enjoy your updates so much! I am kind of in a place where I don't socialize much right now, don't have a lot of "talk time" and your updates help me tremendously! Glad to hear everything is okay healthwise. That can be sooooo scary! Also glad to hear no long term or life changing plans had to be cancelled. That is a blessing. I like your list of "must haves" for the future hubby! Stick to your guns girl!