April 3, 2009



I am afraid I have bad new….


Those health problems?? Yea they got to me.


I recently experienced a tremendous amount of pain in my tummy and it has been determined that it is my colon.


All those pizza slices, sausages, candy, McDonald’s, Friday’s etc have caused me to have some issues in the intestine area and now I get to pay for it.


The doctor will see me next Tuesday and hopefully he can alleviate my pain without surgery.


The good new is:


I don’t really want to eat anything at all and could possibly be loosing weight as we speak.


So please say a little prayer for me when you get time. Lord knows I need it.


Thanks readers, you guys are the best!


Sweet.Anger.Angel said...

you're in my prayers.

Eden said...

Hey, girl...I'm praying for you! I can't imagine what it must be like. I'm sorry, girl.

And I've missed you! I really miss talking to you. Really. I need to get your number so we can text :)

Love ya! <3

Anonymous said...

I pray that God will heal you in what ever it may be...... Hear is some scriptures for you.... May God bless you and keep you..... Also before I list these.... were are you moving to?
Psalm 30:2
Psalm 103:3
Psalm 107:20
Psalm 118;17
Psalm 147:3
Jeremiah 17:14
Love Your sister in the Lord, Let me know

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I'm sorry to hear that! Keep me updated! I'll be praying...

Anonymous said...

Hey girl! I hope you start feeling better soon! I’ll definitely keep you in my prayers. We still need to get together sometime once you’re feeling better. I’ve been out with pneumonia for the past couple of weeks and am just now starting to get better. Someday our schedule should match up when we can both do something. Take it easy and I’ll talk to you later!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl!

I am so sorry you are sick! If the doctor isn’t seeing you til Tuesday, does that mean he doesn’t think it’s too serious? What are you supposed to do in the mean time? I WILL be praying for you!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Hey girly,

I hope everything turns out well and I surely keep you in my prayer. I’m no stranger to not being able to sleep so I know how hard that makes things on a daily basis. Try to get some rest and keep sending those prayers up to God. I will send some His way for you as well.

Take care

mrs. mary mack said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, What have you learned from the doctors so far? Are you in the hospital? I will definitely be praying for you. I know your time to move is coming so quickly now. The best thing for your health/healing is to remain as calm as possible! I know you are probably rolling your eyes at me, but this is totally possible, especially through prayer! There is a peace in knowing that this issue surfaced while you are among friends and loved ones and not among "strangers". He has His hand upon you. My prayers are with you!