March 9, 2009

The little things...

Who would have thought one person taking the time to do something so small could make a huge difference in someone’s day?


Well Mr. Officer as he shall be referred to from now on totally did today!!!


I got to talk/see him 4 times last week in a few days time, so I had my fill in the beginning of the week. But when Wednesday came around he was no where to be found.


Until today.


While I was on a business call, he totally came up behind me and gave me a Red starburst. (Note: Red is in a tie to be my favorite flavor starburst next to pink)


I just had a huge grin on my face and when I finished my call and went to find him to say thanks.


I asked him where he had been and he said: “around”.  He said: “I don’t want to be a bug-a-boo…” (bug-a-boo is circa 2000)


It felt nice to be thought of even though it was one small thing. I have never been “courted” so to speak, if this is even what is going on?


Either way it goes. I love the positive attention.


Hope to see him again soon ……


Eden said...

You are totally right. The tiny things like that make the biggest difference in the world! And all it takes is a little effort. This world would be a different place if people would care enough about each other to just DO something for each other once in a while!

I think it's adorable...the way he said "bug-a-boo" :)