June 7, 2011

5 excuse as to why businesses don't use Social Media

Being in the Social Media field almost two years has really let me see things from a business prospective. When the recession hit, people were getting laid off and companies were cutting their budgets.... Advertising budgets that is.

Advertising is a big part of if your business will succeed or fail. You gotta spend money to make money. This scenario becomes interesting because start-ups usually don't have alot of capital to begin with.

This is where the creative mind shall come into play.

Business owners give me excuses as to why they are not on Twitter or even Facebook. I have complied a list of the TOP 5 EXCUSES AS TO WHY BUSINESSES DON'T USE SOCIAL MEDIA.

5- "It's too time consuming"- OK... so you have a point, it takes some time. There is a thing I like to call a schedule that works really well and can even keep your organized. Schedule time everyday to work on your SM.

4- "I don't want to get farmville requests" - Well .... it can not be guaranteed that you won't get requests but you could IGNORE them.... works every time.

3- "Security is not tight enough" - I hear this often. People don't want their identities to be stolen or don't want others to know where they live. You can change your settings... what information you choose to share with the world is YOUR choice

2- "It won't work for the industry I am in" - NOT TRUE. Social Media can work for anyone. You might have to get creative with your content, but there is something for everyone.

1- "I don't know how to use it" - Well now I have just the answer for you... training classes. There are several people who give tutorials and classes all over the country. From conferences, to one on one, you can learn with the style that fits you best.

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Start using social networking... NOW!