July 21, 2010

What Did You Do?

When it is your time to leave the Earth... What will people say about you?

Did you DO something? Play your part? Make this world a better place to live?

My company found a way to give back to a local Oklahoma non-profit. Teen Parent Resource Center (TPRC) is an organization that tugged on our heart strings and now we are playing our part!

TPRC was founded by Laquita Lewis, with a mission to develop and implement outreach programs/services that provide a second chance to teenage parents and their children.

By doing this, they are nurturing the development of our community. The program also promotes stable families and hope for the future!

Lewis says her passion is to "motivate the young women and men she works with to continue their education and help them become self- supporting mother and fathers". She believes anyone who has the passion and desire WILL succeed!

TPRC has several areas in which they help teens: counseling,tutoring, parenting classes, job searching and so much more.

The center will be open to the public beginning in August and will have its Grand Opening September 8, 2010.

TPRC is always seeking for new people to get involved thru volunteering or monetary endorsement.

Visit their Facebook page to keep up and learn more.

No matter what organization you decide to get involved with, You should do YOUR part!


Trandy said...

For some reason I'm a little partial to this post. I think this is a wonderful organization! I'm so glad your involved. Teen parents totally need someone to talk to and provide encouragement and motivation. Great things will happen because Teen Parent Resource Center!