May 27, 2010

Your Networking Life Made Easier

Growing your business seems to be the the thing most entrepreneurs are focused on these days.

Granted, our economy is recovering from what we call the "21st century recession", but YOU increasing your revenue boils down to one thing: RELATIONSHIPS.

Whether it be direct contact with a buyer or someone, who knows someone, meeting people and cultivating that bond with them will be the driving force that will put you into the next tax bracket.

Being a New Media expert, when working with small business or start-ups I will hear: "Well, I would love to meet new people but I just don't know where to go?" or "I have a very minimal marketing budget and can't afford to join city associations".

Well, now there is a website that will aid you in your time of networking need. Networking OKC. com is your one stop shop for all the FREE .. yes I said it FREE networking events in Oklahoma City. If you pockets are feeling a little heavy, their are some paid groups you can connect with as well.

Organizing an event? This site even has a forum where you can "submit" your event info and have it posted on the site.

So get out there and meet someone. You never know when their Grandma might need your services.