October 9, 2009

Where are you?

The business community has inclined me to make people aware of something that is very important: BEING ON TIME. Hell, how about just showing up.

It puts a damper on not just your schedule but others too if you decide to cancel. I understand that emergencies come up but you NEED TO CALL.

Here is an article found on Ehow you may find helpful and can explain the steps you need to take to make it to meetings on time.... Take notes.

Everyone has been guilty of arriving late for an appointment and making up excuses for our tardiness. The fact is that being late only adds stress to your life and does nothing to prepare you for a successful meeting, appointment or visit. Even if you're perpetually late, it's never too late to change your ways and learn to be on time.

  1. Step1
    Prepare the night before for the next day. Review what needs to be done on the eve of your appointment and empty out your purse and briefcase of all unnecessary documents that have accumulated there. Pack what you need, and place all the objects to take with you by the door on a hook or shelf for easy access on your way out.

  2. Step2
    Learn to rely on your clocks. Your clocks should be your best friends. Set the alarm clock that you keep on your nightstand ahead the amount of time you usually find yourself running late. Buy more clocks and hang them in every room you spend a lot of time in. The constant reminder will help you stay on task and leave the house on schedule.

  3. Step3
    Change your bedtime. If you're routinely tired when your alarm goes off and have trouble pulling yourself out of bed, start going to bed earlier. You'll be much more rested and sharp for your appointment the next day and won't be late because you spent that extra half-hour dozing under the covers.

  4. Step4
    Psych yourself into being early for appointments. Think ahead of time how much more successful your appointment will be if you actually have time to sit down in the reception area 10 to 15 minutes before your appointment to review notes and mentally prepare. Remember that rushing in late only makes you look scattered and unprofessional.

  5. Step5
    Be sure of the location and how to get there. The day before your appointment, confirm the exact address with an assistant, and get directions from him or the Internet or rely on your GPS--or do all three. Review the directions the night before so that you're familiar with the route, and don't leave your map at home.