August 26, 2009

Oh Wine Not??

Have a glass of wine… or three?

Several business professional women were in attendance Tuesday for the 2009 Fall Kick off for Promotions to you events.

Doni Rimmer, Owner of Promotions to you, has created an “outside of the box” idea for parties and networking events.

Things got started with getting to know you time and networking; followed by an explanation and wine presentation of Charles Shaw: Chardonnay, Merlot and Shiraz.

Interesting facts from the hostess became the topic of conversation, and the compare and contrast of each wine was intriguing.

This week’s event had numerous vendors. Ranging from make-up to jewelry, there was something for everyone.

Wine Not social events are held in the hostess’ home and include local talented chefs that provide unique dishes to coordinate with the beverages.

The variety of wine parings are endless and provide you with a different experience each time.

Wine Not  proposes you rethink your boring office party and give your co-workers sophistication they will definitely enjoy.

Promotions to you has an extensive event list ahead. Beer Tasting and “The Scotch and Cigar” party are just a glimpse of what is to come.

Next time it’s your turn to plan the party, Wine not choose Promotions to you?

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