August 29, 2009

"All you need is Twitter....."

Let the truth be known that you secretly play air guitar in your living room to Yellow Submarine when you get home from work, but don't worry that won't have to be the case for long.

With the Rock Band: Beetles version making its debut, it only logical to check out the game for the first time at OKC's September 10th Tweet up.

OKC Tweet up's are a way to meet people you have connected with via Twitter. Usually, you connect with someone online after you have met them in person, but this event gives people the opportunity to meet beyond cyberspace.

 A 140 characters can only be used for so long. This event is the time to meet face to face.

Located on the second floor of Nonna's Euro-American Ristorante, Purple Bar is the scene for this month's meet up. This sheek bar with unique lighting provides a cozy and great meeting spot.   

Twitter has hit the ground running in 2009. The site has recently saved lives in medical procedures, informed people about inclimate weather and even got someone out of jail.  

Guest speakers, door prizes and networking are all going to take place at this upcoming event.

Oh, and don't forget a lil bit of Rock Band action too!

More and more businesses are leaning towards social networking and Twitter is a great place to start.

Register at to be a part of Twitter history.